Mondo's Morsels' fanEveryone has to give these cookies a try.  We bought the peanut butter cup and the midnight bliss.  (I think I got drunk off the chocolate ones!)  Really wonderful, yummy cookies.  Order a dozen and you’ll be as happy as this girl.
- Jen Peterson-Hull

These are the best cookies I ever had!   Can I place an order for 10 million of them?
– Micha Rosen

The cookies are wicked!  I’m putting a link to you on my blog.  Shazaam!
– Susie Lubell

These are the most amazing cookies I have ever tasted!! The slightly melted chocolate in the bottom of each cookie is heaven!
– Amy Lorenz

Mondo’s Morsels rule! Dump Mrs. Fields and adopt Mondo’s Morsels.  If you don’t believe me…check out the website.  The pictures do them justice and the taste is the bomb!
– Sonia Mitchell-Winland

Mondo has created some of the most fantastic cookies I have ever tasted!  If you are looking for a great gift or an awesome indulgence, check out her site. – Steve Snortland

Amazing!!  The cookies were a big hit. I’m pretty sure my co-workers are addicted to the Midnight Bliss cookies.  Fantastic!  Thank you, Mondo!
– Amy Lorenz

If I have another bite, I may never eat regular food again!
– Norm Kelsey

Mondo…the cookies have brought happiness to our palettes and tummies!
– Patty Tokahuta-Kelsey

Yep…your cookies surpass all others! (By the way I had the peanut butter cup cookie  for breakfast one morning.  It was the breakfast of champions!)
– Jen Peterson-Hull

The Midnight Bliss almost brought me to my knees!!!!  These cookies are what I think you get in heaven!!!!  Awesome!!!!!
– Jo-Ann Cahill-O’ Neil

I was always a fan of Mondo’s Morsels. Best cookies I ever had.
- Duey Duhaime

If you want to try the best cookies ever…try some of Mondo’s Morsels.  Just do it people!
– Shari Van Tassell-Brossard

The cookies are AMAZING.  The chocolate ones with white powder is to die for.  My husband and I were fighting over the last bite today.
-Lori Smith Escobedo